The best The Shiskid river, Mongolia

Taimen 141 cm a cca 40 kg
The river is located inside the national park and anglers need a special permit to move there. The river propably provides the best fishing around the world for taimen which is called king of trouts. Taimen is the biggest freshwater fish you can catch in the river. We often catch lenok which is long around 70 cm and siberian graylings with 50 cm. The trek content fishing in Shargyn river, Tengis river and Sharyk rivers which are full of lenok and graylings. The Siberian colorit of sourounding the river is beautiful and provide place for taking photo or ride of mongolian horses. The trip is 16 days long.


The Selenge river, Mongolia

This is a fish of my live. I caught the fish in Selenge river first day of my holiday there. The Bajkal sturgeon measured 211 cm and weighted 60 kg. I released the awesome fish to the river
The Selenge river is the best Mongolian river which flow into Bajkal Lake in Russia. The river provides huge scale of fish like taimen (maximu 150 cm and weigt around 40 kilo), pike (usually 80-120 cm), perch (40-50 cm), lenok it is means Siberian trout (40-60 cm), artict grayling, eelpout, catfish or Bajkal sturgeon. I can choose part of the river which is suitable for fishing a fish that you like to cath. Long of trip is 14 days and the best months for fishing are September and October.


Khovd lake and rivers in Altai, Mongolia

Endemic Altai osman - Oreoleuciscus Potanini Kessler is pretty warrior and reach a lenght over 1 meter
The Khovd river is spread in region of Altai. We catch mongolian grayilng of size between 40-80 cm and weight around 1-3 kilo there. The Mongolian grayling is the biggest grayling on the world. The next fish are endemic Altai osman which grow up lenght around 100 cm with weight is 4-6 kilo and Artict grayling with lenght around 50 cm. We catch as well the fish in Churgan and Choton lakes. The best term (date) for catch the fish is late of may or start of july. Long of trek is 7 days. I recommend you combine the trek with Altai catching and short trek in Gobi which is the best adventure trek in Mongolia which I provide you like a guide.