Gobi adventure

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I visited Gobi resort for first time. I traveled with Mongolian driver who helped me discovered of the biggest Asian desert. I went via Dalanzagdad to Gobi. I stayed in places like Khongorin Else – the biggest sand dune of … Continued

Night fishing in the Urr river

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The tour began in Altai mountains where we caught a lot of Altai graylings with long over 60 cm in the river between two Khovd lakes. I guided a group of Polish people and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny days … Continued

Five mongolian’s rivers

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I arranged a tour for my Polish friends because they were happy with my service in Altai and the Urr river last year. I gathered permits for the Chug river, the Shiskid river, the Shargyn river, the Eg river and … Continued