Fish of my life, The Selelenge river, Mongolia

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The group of Slovenien and Serbian anglers ask me for guiding in Mongolia at 2008.

The group wanted to catch the biggest scale of fish with audience of nomad people.

I know only one river which provides this service. The river is called Selenge and it’s the biggest river in Mongolia which flowing into Bajkal Lake. I contacted my nomad guide who helped me with the group.

I didn’t predict I’d catch fish. I was about guiding, making a service and show places with fish like taimen, pike, perch, catfish and other but my group was so tyred when we reached to camp that I went my spot try to caught some pike over 1 meter.

My fishing fate changed my intent =) I’d been fighting more than 2 hours before I took my live’s fish out of the river.

Bajkal sturgeon was long over 2 metres and he weight around 50 kilos. WOW!!! It was awesome.

It wasn’t an intent but big fishing happiness because I’m still one who catch Bajkal sturgeon by a rod in Mongolia.

Result of the group on the Selenge trek was excellent .54 pikes over 1 meter, 22 taimen over 1 meter, 4 catfish, 11 elpout and bunch of siberian trouts (lenok), perch over 50 cm. It’s nice isn’t it?