Night fishing in the Urr river

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The tour began in Altai mountains where we caught a lot of Altai graylings with long over 60 cm in the river between two Khovd lakes.

I guided a group of Polish people and we enjoyed a beautiful sunny days in the most photography part of Mongolia.

We caught a bunch of endemic Altai osmans in the under lake as well.

A summit of our trek was in the Urr river where we kept on by local airplane from Olgiy via Ulanbaator to Moron.

We catch taimens long from 80 to 130 cm, pikes, lenoks …but the most adventure time came at last day.

My group wanted to catch fish in late of night. We had headlights and GPS. We tried to catch some taimen by lure which is called Maas Marauder in the place called “American deep ” and we were successful.

We got out of the river 12 taimens longer than 100 cm during 3 hours. Awesome!!! Wow!